The curiosities you see here have been exported from VanTiki Island at great risk to life and limb.  Each oddity is sure to add a sense of wonder and mystery to your den or secret lair.  All cataloged curiosities are made available to the public in the VanTiki Etsy Store, and fabric can be ordered via Spoonflower.Be sure to join our Mailing List, FaceBook page, or Twitter feed for up-to date news on when a steamer will be arriving carrying fresh antiquities.







Anthropologists have long puzzled over the vast array of colorful pendants exhibited by the natives of VanTiki Island. Are they symbols of status? Reflections of the wearer's inner spirit? Amulets of power? Whatever the answer, all agree that they look quite spiffy.

Our Jungle Explorer Team has acquired a variety of these unusual ceramic artifacts via trade with VanTiki Natives.  Check the VanTiki Etsy store for available designs.


Hand-Pressed Tiles

Hand-pressed tiles pried from the walls of long-lost jungle temples boasting extraordinary details and high relief.  No den or secret lair can be considered complete without one (or more) of these ceramic visages adorning the wall.

View available tiles on Etsy, or contact us for custom design requests.



From time to time an explorer emerges from the VanTiki jungles with something truly unique.  Take, for example, The Mysterious Framed Faces of the Pike Expedition.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the famed Pike Bros Expedition of 1892 was not the disappearance of the entire party several weeks after steaming up the mighty VanTiki River - it was the large crate that arrived at the British Museum the following month.  A crate filled with an assortment of framed faces!  Scientists and anthropologists have long argued as to whether the faces belong to the members of the Pike Expedition, VanTiki natives, or someone else entirely.  One thing that everyone agrees on is that the faces make a wonderful addition to your parlor, den, or lair.

Fabric by VanTiki

VanTiki is pleased to offer an ever growing series of original fabric designs  depicting the the wonders of this mystical south seas isle.    Check the VanTiki Spoonflower store for available designs.


You can print fabric and make your own duds, or have the ├╝ber talented Tiki Val sew you up a spiffy shirt like the one here (she does skirts & dresses too)!