Sculpted & Glazed by Hand in Kailua

Each hand-built VanTiki mug is a one-of-a-kind sculpture entirely crafted by Henrik Van Ryzin. No molds are used to create these mugs, which allows detail and forms that would be impossible with traditional slip casting.  The VanTiki mugs are beefy - they need to be thick to support their own weight during the sculpting process.  After sculpting, the mugs are slowly dried for several weeks (to prevent cracking).  Once dry, they are fired in the kiln, glazed (colored with special ceramic and glass based pigments), and fired again.


Would you like a VanTiki HandBuilt mug of your very own?  All mugs make their way to eBay - usually one or two mugs per  month.  Keep an eye on the VanTiki Facebook page and instagram feed for current mug offerings.